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Full Time Travelling

Question is it a profession ? Mostly asked by many people what is Full time Travelling ? According to google A full-time traveler is someone who travels for more than half of the year. They don’t have a permanent home, and they move around constantly to different places. Some people think that being a full-time traveler means you’re always on vacation, but that’s not true. It’s actually a lot of work.

Here are some ways you can make Full time travel a reality.
1. Figure Out How Much Money You Need

Firstly, you have to create calculate how much you need to travel full time in short you need to calculate how much money you need to make a living. It’s simmilar to create a monthly budget for household expenses but expenses will be different from that that will be depending on Where you are travelling, How you are travelling, For how many days you are travelling.

Since everyone travel differently, You’ll want to determine how cheaply or luxuriously you’ll want to travel in order to figure out your budget according to your needs

2. Put Money Into Savings Before You Spend It.

Before you start full time travel make sure you have enough money or a job that doesn’t ask for your physical presence because getting broke in the middle of travel can be worst. After paying you monthly bills and set aside money for retirements start putting money in travel funds.

This will allow you to save more money for the travel. Learning to cut your budget and spend less will help you in the long run, and make your every money count.

3. Follow A Budget

Creating a budget for everything is great, before moving it to your next destination you should create a itenary for yourself, what are your plans for the destination, how you wanted to spent your money what spendings areas needs to be evaluated. Budgets are great because they keep control over your expenses.

4. Work while you travel

There are plenty of ways of making money while you are travelling, while some thinks it’s a dream but let me tell you it’s real and i know peoples who do this. Here are some ways you can earn money while travelling.

  • Work Remotely

Since the covid happens many companies are following work from home culture where you can work remotely, the job doesn’t require your physical pressence you can work from anywhere, if your company doesn’t allow you to do it make a plan and meet with your boss to talk about the possibility.

  • Online Earning

Now a days there are many options to start earning money online, you can run a website where you can sell a product/service. You can do blogging and earn through advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, get paid for product reviews yes getting paid for reviews are a option for earning money many online seller pay you to review their product on different platforms.

  • Housesit

Housesit means that you are working for free but sometimes you can get paid for that, even if you are not getting paid for that you get a free place to stay. Sometimes you got to stay in nice properties.

  • Freelance

How can we miss freelance in this, if you have skills and have good networking you can do freelance, Some of the most common freelance’s projects are:-

  • Video editing

  • Proofreading

  • Writing

  • Content writer

  • Social Media Manager

  • Online Tutions

5. Find A Job In The Place You Are Visiting

There are many instance where you are planning to stay in place for a while reasons may be whatever your car broke down or you want to stay in a place for a little while whatever your reasons maybe, there are many things to do in order to make a living.

  • Bartend or work in a restaurant

  • Work at hotel, hostels.

  • Help out on a farm

  • Work on a cruise ship.

As you can see there are many options to fund your full time travel, you can try few of them and see what works for you best.

Are you intrested in full time travelling why or why not ?

Would love to here your feedback on this do comment below and share with your friends and help them with these travel hacks

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