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This Is Our Story

Vacationsly travel company that focuses on community traveling that enables people to come together, meet new people, and fulfill their travel dream. The good part is that travellers don't need to get into the mess of planning and organizing a trip because the company plans everything for them. One of the areas that company places value on is safety for women travellers.Earlier it was difficult for girls to travel due to safety reasons and solo travelers to travel due to lack of community and high expenses. Through the concept of community travel we've been successful at tackling both, as travelling in a group ensures better safety and prices for travelling also reduce exponentially. With us, they find a comfortable safe community to travel with. We also take people to offbeat places which are not available on big travel platforms and that is a new thing.

The Pillers of Vacationsly

Yashit Arora  is the start of everything. A young enterpreneur whose unique vision of the travel sector led him to build this today. For years he travelled solo to test the waters to establish a new travel company and since then his travel expeditions have never come to a halt. He has travelled with over 1,000+ people and knows the smallest of on-ground necessities and knows what makes a travelling experience memorable. He's the man with the perfect set of leadership skills and functions as a thread that weaves every department and person of together.

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